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As school holidays have started and Christmas approaches, you may be getting ready to travel. Packing bags, loading the car, ready to leave your home behind – but have you thought about security for your home?

Not travelling this year? It’s still wise to protect not only your property, but also your family.

Did you know that according to Budget Direct leading up to Christmas Day sees the largest amount of home break-ins?

Budget Direct also states that Queensland’s Festive break-ins increased by 95% from 2020 to 2021, and by 43% for Victoria.

Why Secure Your Property?

Besides the obvious answer of keeping your family safe, there are many benefits to protecting your property with a security alarm system. These include:

1. Reducing the risk of losing your belongings and valuables.
2. Being entitled to a discount from your insurance provider because you took that extra security measure.
3. Peace of mind when you’re away.

So what options are there to secure your home?


Homes with CCTV systems installed are far less likely to be burglarised or vandalised than those without. Though security cameras don’t do anything to physically prevent crime from happening, these systems raise the level of risk for these intruders to break into your home, instead of treating you and your family as an easy target.

Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion alarms, or security alarms are systems designed to detect intrusion, such as unauthorised entry – into a building or other area such as a home, school, or an office. Intrusion detection systems come in many different forms, and include cameras, sensors (detectors), locks, and communication equipment.

What Is the Right System For Me?

Contact Voltora and we can discuss your requirements and tailor a solution that is suitable for your home, so you can reduce the risk of a break-in, save on your insurance policy, and have overall peace of mind to enjoy your travels or feel safe at home this festive season (and all year round!).

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