Intrusion alarms, or security alarms are systems designed to detect intrusion, such as unauthorised entry – into a building or other area such as a home, school, or an office.

Intrusion detection systems come in many different forms, and include cameras, sensors (detectors), locks, and communication equipment.


Always-On Security

Intrusion alarms provide around the clock security for your property, and are always ready to notify you when intruders attempt to enter your home.

Multi-Touchpoint Security

Intrusion alarms come in many shapes and forms, and, depending on your unique security requirements, can be customised to give you a complete multi-pronged strategy that warns you when intruders try to enter your property.

Complete Peace Of Mind

Intrusion alarms give you complete peace of mind when it comes to your home, office or building security.

The Components Of An Intrusion Alarm System

Depending on your security requirements, an Intrusion Alarm System consists of different components and parts:


Sensors are placed throughout your property to detect any change in sound, movement, or lighting in your home, so as to trigger the alarms in your system.

Sensors (Detectors)

Appropriate and ample sensors and detectors, positioned in the right places throughout your home to thoroughly secure your property.

Acoustic Sensors

A step up from traditional sensors, acoustic sensors detect shock waves of glass breaking.

Door/Window Sensors

These magnetic sensors (switches) trigger an alarm in case of a door or a window is opened by an intruder.

Passive Infrared Detectors (PIR)

Passive infrared detectors (PIR) use sensors to detect motion within your property, further maximising your security.

Smoke Detector

A smoke detector that connects to a third party source, that triggers the alarm when it detects smoke.


Besides the configurable components of a typical Intrusion Alarm System, there are also miscellaneous components that make the system work.

Security Keypad

A security keypad that arms and disarms your Intrusion Alarm System.

Concealed Control Panel

A hidden control panel, with uninterrupted power source, which is connected to all other components, including a phone or internet line.

Communication Equipment

Equipment that links up the various portions of your Intrusion Alarm System together, so they work in unison to protect your property.

24-hour Backup System

A 24-hour backup system that switches back on if your phone line is cut off, or if your power supply is down.


Sirens mounted inside and/or outside the building to draw help when the alarms are triggered.

Which Intrusion Alarm System Is The Right One For You?

Let’s face it: there are many variations of Intrusion Alarm Systems out there in the market. Which one is the right one for you, and which one works best for you?

Wireless vs. Hardwired Intrusion
Alarm System

Hardwired home and office alarm systems provide higher security levels as a whole, since they are directly connected to your unit’s power source,

with a physical control panel in your unit.
However, the latest wireless systems can also be as reliable as their cable-powered counterparts, while offering more flexibility, as they can be remotely accessed from your mobile device or computer. Depending on your unique needs and habits (do you travel often?), it could help you to choose the right Intrusion Alarm System.

Monitored And
Unmonitored Alarms

A monitored or unmonitored burglar alarm can be both a hardwired or a wireless system. An unmonitored intrusion alarm usually

activates a siren or another noisy device once a sensor within the security system has detected an intrusion. However, this solution might not be suitable for remote properties, since there’s no one to really help you call the cops!

Monitored home alarms, on the other hand, are connected to a third party while the sensors trigger both an alarm and send an alert to the monitoring company. Modern day security systems are also able to connect and alert you on any events on your Smartphone or another mobile device. However, since there’s a third-party monitoring your property for you, you’d need to factor in an additional cost (which might be easy to justify if you’re constantly away from home).

Auto-dialing Intrusion
Alarm Systems

Some Intrusion Alarm Systems that feature an auto dialer can connect to a preset phone number or numbers in case of emergency. For example,

you can send a pre-recorded voice message to police, to a security firm of your choice, or to the local fire fighters, whenever a sensor is triggered, heightening the response time from the authorities.

In addition, some in-house motion sensors can detect if someone is inside the property and can help local security authorities assign proper priority to the accident. If you’re constantly on the road, and you wish for your Intrusion Alarm System to be automated, this is a great choice to consider.

Turnkey, Comprehensive Service From Start To Secure

Once we’ve defined the right intrusion alarm solution and blueprint for your property, Voltora security and electrical experts provide best-in-class electrical tradesmanship to bring your security system to life.

Voltora electrical experts are certified Gold Master Electricians, the highest accreditation in Australia. As well as being recognised as the 2023 South Queensland Master Electrician of the Year. What this means is complete peace of mind when you install your security systems.

Minimal Downtime

Gold Master Electricians are the best in the electrical business. This means that you can invest in your Intrusion Alarm System confidently, without worrying that it’s not installed properly.

Fast, Efficient Installation

Voltora’s tradesmen are fast, professional and efficient in their service and installation of your Intrusion Alarm System. This means no mess after we leave, and a pleasant experience throughout.

Deter Against Intruders In 5 Simple Steps



Working with Voltora is tailored from the start.

At your request, a security specialist from Voltora will make an appointment at a time that suits you. After completing a comprehensive review of your property, we will recommend the best Intrusion Alarm System to meet your exact needs. No cookie-cutter solutions, ever.

During the consultation, our electrical specialists will take into consideration the different factors that might affect your intrusion alarm setup, and give us extensive insights into how we can best tailor a solution to meet your needs.




Once our security specialists have completed their initial consultation, they’ll recommend some best-fit solutions to suit your unique security requirements.

What’s more, we’ll share with you the reasons why we recommend them in the first place. You can count on Voltora – we’ve built our brand on accountability from day one.

Voltora security specialists will share an in-depth Intrusion Alarms Proposal that outlines:

  • The layout of your property
  • The types of intrusion alarms that we recommend to be installed in your system
  • Spots within your property that need to be adequately covered by detectors
  • Products that we will be installing.



At every step of the way, you get complete freedom to tweak, adjust, or discuss your proposed Intrusion Alarm System setup with our electrical specialists.

Only approve your intrusion alarms design once you’re happy with it, and you’re ready to proceed.




Once you’re happy with your intrusion alarms design, Voltora security specialists will professionally install your brand-new system, so that you are adequately protected from fires. We’ll also give you specific information on how to use the system, and set it up for you the right way.




At the end of your intrusion alarms installation, we’ll provide a report summary that comprehensively lists every detail of our engagement. You’ll get full insights into what we did, what was installed, and more.

That means no more guesswork, dealing with problematic installs, or having to wonder what you paid for in the first place.

  • Process of intrusion alarms installation
  • Onsite photographs of your intrusion alarms installation


Clients Know They Can Count On Voltora

Since day one, Voltora has been winning the hearts and minds of customers with our professional service and attention to detail. With best-in-class electrical tradesmanship and tailored electrical advice from expert electricians passionate to serve, clients know that they can count on Voltora to do the job the right way.

We’ll Come Back, and Make It Right™

If you realise that something’s not working with your intrusion alarm system once we’ve installed it and left your property, don’t worry!

You’re backed by Voltora’s Make It Right™ guarantee. Just give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to come back and fix those issues – free of charge.**

**Covers installation issues only. Subject to our terms and conditions.

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