It does not matter whether your air conditioner is a split system or ducted or installed in your home, office or commercial environment. Embarking on a regular schedule of preventative maintenance and servicing when it comes to your air conditioner makes perfect sense. That is, unless you enjoy constantly reaching into your pocket to pay for costly repairs and suffering through inconvenient, preventable breakdowns.

You should never underestimate the value of a proactive air conditioning service. Queensland is famous for hot and humid weather; so don’t take the chance of your air conditioner giving up one day. Bypass the ‘oh no’ moments with Voltora Industries by booking in for your air conditioning service!

Major Air Con service

Since 2015, Voltora Industries has been at the core of providing superior commercial and residential air conditioning services. With over 1000 air conditioners serviced to date, our list of happy clients continues to grow by the numbers each day. Affordability and quality are what make us the best air conditioning company in Melbourne and the Northside and Southside area of Brisbane.

Whether you are looking to have your air conditioning installed, repaired, or serviced, our skilled tradesmen are experienced in all this. We also offer major air conditioning services. Our solutions are tailor-made to suit the respective individual and their needs. Our team of tradesmen are able to visit your property, assess and give you the best advice suitable to you. We also offer expert advice on best market practices on how best to keep your air conditioner in good working condition.

Our Major Split Service include:

Full Hydro Cell Bag System Clean.
Clean filters in front of fan coil.
Clean fan coil at head unit.
Flush drain and check operation.
Check electrical connections.
Check airflow from head unit.
Check refrigerant gas pressure at compressor.
Remove any obstructions from outdoor unit.
Remote Control Batteries Replaced if required.
Detailed Report for Warranty Purposes.
Before & After Photos.

A Major Ducted Service includes:

Indoor Unit:
Remove plenums & covers.
Clean & sanitise coil. Remove fan barrel, clean & sanitise.
Check air temperature of the coil & air velocity.
Flush drain with coil clean & purge with nitrogen.
Clear drain pan, if required.
Clear return air filters. Reassemble unit.
Report for warranty purposes.
Supply before & after photos.

Wipe over outlets to remove any dust & mould.
Check airflow is present.

Outdoor Condenser Unit:
Clean & remove any foreign matter & check operation.
Check & clean remote control.

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1. Filters

The number 1 maintenance task required is replacing or cleaning your air-conditioners filters.

By having dirty filters, especially where a filter becomes blocked or clogged this can severely impact the system. Dirty filters blocks the standard air flow causing your unit to work harder than its supposed to, this is also where you can see an increase in power consumption.

By replacing or cleaning these filters, your power consumption can reduce from 5-25%.

Now your question do I clean or replace my filters?

This question does depend on which unit you have as filters are available in a mixture of types which all have different efficiencies. Some types of filters can be reusable therefor can be cleaned regularly. However other filters are disposable so will need to be replaced.

How often should I Clean my Filters?

Here at Voltora Industries we recommend cleaning filter’s every 6 weeks during peak cooling seasons, and then 3 monthly during the remainder of the year, however this all does depend on your needs and your home. For example, if you have pets or run your air con constantly, we recommend cleaning these more frequently. If you barely use the system and the unit is in a clean environment, you may not need to clean them as often.

2. Condensation Drains

The condensation drains on your air conditioner can become clogged, if you air conditioner is blocked or clogged the unit will stop reducing the Humidity, and in our Brisbane weather reducing humidity is a key factor when we shop for suitable air conditioners for our home.

Drains that aren’t functioning efficiently can cause some severe damage to your walls and carpets.

How can my Drain become blocked?

There are many different reasons as to why your aircon drains become blocked this include but are not limited to: Ants, Wasps, Large Bugs, quality of the air con and drains, age of the system, and unsatisfactory installation.

What should you do if your drain is clogged?

If you see that your drains are blocked, or even notice water dripping from your indoor head unit, please seek professional help as trying to fix this issue yourself could cause more damage. Here at Voltora Industries we can help you clear out your drains and get your system up and running to the highest standard again.

3. Coils

Both your Air Conditioners Evaporator and Condenser Coils can collect dust and debris, this can cause your Air Conditioner to reduce not only the amount of airflow but also the standard and this is where you could get stale smelling air blowing into the house.

Another big point is damaged, or dirty coils can reduce your Units ability to absorb heat, this means your home/ room will take longer to cool to desired temperature and will use significantly more power.

What do I do?

We recommend looking over your coils to ensure the condition is satisfactory at least once per year. However, if your outdoor unit Is placed in a dusty area, a garden or in any position where your mower may flick debris towards the unit we recommend checking your coils every 6 months.

How do I fix a dirty/ damaged coil?

Voltora Industries Specialist suggest you seek professional advice/ services to fix your coils, trying to fix these coils your self can cause further damage to your unit.

4. Yearly Maintenance Check and Service

Our Voltora Industries Specialists recommend a full service yearly, we recommend booking this in during the winter season to prepare for the peak cooling season.

Your yearly service should be done by a seasoned professional.

Your yearly service should include:
– Full Hydro Cell Bag System Clean.
– Clean filters in front of fan coil.
– Clean fan coil at head unit.
– Flush drain and check operation.
– Check electrical connections.
– Check airflow from head unit.
– Check refrigerant gas pressure at compressor.
– Remove any obstructions from outdoor unit.