What is peak demand?

Similar to the traffic on the road, the electricity network has its own ‘rush hour’ period. This is called ‘daily peak demand’, when the network is just as busy as the roads at knock-off time.

In Queensland the daily peak demand tends be between 4pm and 8pm, when everyone switches on their energy-hungry appliances such as air-conditioners and pool pumps along with other everyday appliances such as cooktops, ovens and even lights!

Sometimes the electricity network experiences ‘network peak demand’. This usually occurs on days of extreme hot or cold weather as households and businesses try to carry on as usual.

Why should I try to help out with peak demand?

Efficiency, reliability and costs are all impacted by the excessive demand on the electricity network. Smart management of peak demand means fewer power outages, less need for new infrastructure and, ultimately, lower electricity bills.

Approximately 16% of the energy network built-in South-East Queensland is used for only a few hours, a few times a year, when network peaks occur. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most sustainable approach.

While companies like Energex can keep building more energy networks to cope with these peak demands, their preference is to invite you to work with us as a community to manage and reduce peak demand. When we as a community save energy, it means less need to create new infrastructure and, ultimately, lower power bills for you.

Rewards for energy efficient air-conditioning

One way in which you can save energy and get real rewards for your home or business is by getting a PeakSmart air-conditioner installed by Voltora Industries.
Your reward will depend on the cooling capacity of your PeakSmart air-conditioner.


What is PeakSmart air-conditioning?

PeakSmart air-conditioning helps reduce peak demand by dropping your air-conditioner into a lower performance mode when the network is under stress. This is called a PeakSmart event. You can buy a new PeakSmart air-conditioner from Voltora Industries or, in some cases, you may be able to add a signal receiver to your existing air-conditioning through us.

The signal receiver on your air-conditioner will get a ‘message’ from the network, telling it there is pressure on the network. When this occurs, your air-conditioner will operate similarly to the economy setting.

Queensland’s electricity network is robust, so PeakSmart events may only occur on a few occasions per year. The technology is designed to be ‘set and forget’ so you won’t have to do anything or notice a difference to your comfort.

There are two ways to get cashback

1. Install a PeakSmart air-conditioner

If you’re thinking of replacing or purchasing a new air-conditioner, it makes sense to buy one that’s PeakSmart capable so you can get your cashback.  PeakSmart air-conditioners work just like ordinary air-conditioners and most leading brands offer a range of eligible models.

2. Convert your existing air-conditioner to PeakSmart

PeakSmart air-conditioners have been around since 2011. So, if you installed a new air-conditioner in the last five years, it may be an eligible model. If it is, contact Voltora Industries so we can come to your home or business to convert it to PeakSmart Active. We can install this for free, provided there aren’t any complications, and can be reimbursed through the Incentives program.

What happens once I've purchased my PeakSmart air-conditioner?

Once you’ve purchased your PeakSmart air-conditioner you will need to get a signal receiver from your retailer or from Voltora Industries.

The signal receiver is the device that is installed on your PeakSmart air-conditioner so it can communicate with the network. During a PeakSmart event – that is, when the network is under stress due to peak demand – your air-conditioner will assist by capping energy consumption for short periods.

Get a signal receiver pack.
Voltora Industries will be able to provide you with a free signal receiver pack if you purchase your air-conditioner through us or at the time of installation if you purchased your air-conditioner from a retailer.

Organise installation of your air-conditioner through Voltora Industries. The installation of your signal receiver is often included in your air conditioning installation cost or for a small additional fee. Please complete the PeakSmart-Air-conditioning-Installation-Form with us.

Claim your reward!
You are now ready to claim your reward (instructions below).