Best-In-Class Solar Systems That Speed Up Your Return On Solar Investment

Voltora Solar Specialists recommend and use best-in-class materials, panels and knowledge to help you build a high quality solar system that lets you confidently hedge against rising electricity costs.

Read more to find out about the brands that we work with.

High Quality Solar Inverters That Skyrocket Your Rate Of Return From Your Solar Investment

Inverters are the heart of solar panel systems.

In fact, your entire solar investment’s rate of return from producing renewable energy depends on the type of solar inverter that you invest in.

Depending on your unique requirements and budget, Voltora recommends a suite of different solar inverters so you maximize your solar investment.

We’ll lay out the different available options for inverters during our design of your solar system, and recommend the best option for delivering the best yield on your investment.

**Voltora’s Solar Inverters are stress-tested to go the distance, lasting up to 80,000 hours in tests, and have been ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years. Now that’s reliable.


Capture Sunlight Efficiently & Effectively

String Inverters are the most commonly used system. It is a large-ish box that is often situated some distance from the solar panels. Depending on the size of the installation, we might need to install more than one String Inverter.

DC optimisers are placed under every panel. DC optimisers combine the benefits of String Inverters and Micro Inverters with proven reliability, at a lower cost than Micro Inverter systems.

A microinverter consists of a small inverter located on the back of, or situated very close to each solar panel. These installations are ideal for areas that may suffer from partial shade.

Accelerate Your Rate Of Return From Your Solar Investment With Best-In-Class Solar Panels

Smart solar investors like yourself know that a well-optimised solar system speeds up the rate of return from your solar investment. That means that the better your solar panels are set up, the faster you make your money back.

Tailored to your unique and specific solar requirements, Voltora uses three distinct brands of solar panels for our projects. These solar panels adhere to best market practices, are safe, and maximise sunlight capture so you accelerate your rate of return from solar. Although, we can source and supply other brands on the market if you would like alternate options.

Trina Solar is Voltora’s Entry Level Panel of choice. A high quality panel for those on a budget, Trina Solar Panels are a Tier 1 certified Solar Panel that offers efficient energy capture at an affordable price.

Phono Solar Panels fits into Voltora’s Mid Range Panel of choice, offering excellent value for money. Featuring a 15* Year Product Warranty & 25 Year Performance Warranty, Phono Solar Panels are certified as corrosion resistant, making it a perfect choice for installations by the sea or in high-salt content areas.

LG Solar Panels are our best-in-class premium panels of choice. Offering high-efficiency energy capture at 22% more energy per m2 than standard panels, LG cells are longer lasting too, offering 6% more output at year 25 than standard panels, with 86% capacity guaranteed.

More Than Just A Solar Company

Voltora isn’t just another solar company. We’re electrical experts who specialise in offering turnkey electrical solutions for a diverse customer base, and have been around since 2015.

To date, we’ve handled 10,000+ projects, and have provided expert advice that has empowered our customers to optimise their electrical systems for a better life.

On top of best-in-class solar workmanship, you’re getting top-notch solar knowledge and expertise backed by real-life, firsthand experiences in prior projects. You know you are getting the best solar investment advice when you work with Melbourne & Brisbane’s finest Solar Specialists.

5 Simple Steps To Save Up to $40,000 On Your Power Bill

Follow the quick steps listed below to get started with your Voltora Solar Experience right now!

*Say Hello To Your New Electrical Savings!*

Quick Call With A Solar Specialist

Get on a call with a Solar Specialist to discuss your solar power needs.

Design Your Solar System

Voltora Solar Specialists will visit your premises at your convenience to customise a solar system design for your requirements.

Confirm Your Design

We’ll only proceed once you’re happy with your solar system design, and approve our design.

Install At Your Schedule

Voltora’s Solar Tradesmen will come to your house at your schedule. They’re fast, tidy, proficient, and respectful.

Report, Maintenance & Aftercare

We’ll give you an in-depth report about your solar installation after completion. We’ll also check in regularly to see if everything is performing normally.

Interest Free Finance Options

With Humm90 Finance, you have the option of buying now and paying in instalments with 0% per annum interest.


Zip Money offers interest free, nothing to pay upfront, flexible repayments.*


Get Your Brand New, Cutting-edge Solar Power System Installed And Avoid Ever-Rising Electrical Costs Now!



Working with Voltora is tailored from the start.

At your request, a Solar Specialist from Voltora will make an appointment at a time that suits you. After completing a comprehensive review of your property, we will recommend the best solar solutions for you. No cookie-cutter solutions, ever.

During the consultation, our Solar Specialists will take into consideration the different factors that might affect your solar setup, including:

  • The materials used in your building (brick, timber, etc.)
  • The age and energy efficiency of your appliances
  • Your current power tariffs
  • The energy efficiency of your lighting
  • The position and size of your roof
  • The environment surrounding your property (direction of sunlight etc)
  • Your energy consumption patterns and habits

Our comprehensive Solar Audit will give us extensive insights into how we can best tailor your solar set-up.




Once our Solar Specialists have completed their initial consultation, they’ll recommend some best-fit solutions to suit your unique setup and energy requirements.

What’s more, we’ll share with you the reasons why we recommend them in the first place. You can count on Voltora – we’ve built our brand on Accountability from day one.

Voltora Solar Specialists will share an in-depth Solar Proposal that outlines:


Voltora Solar Specialists will construct a sample mockup of panel layouts that we think best fits your requirements based on our site visit.


You’ll also be able to see at a glance the proposed solar system that our Solar Specialists recommend, and why we recommend that setup for your property.


We’ll break down the daily production levels of your new proposal solar system, and let you see visually how much energy you’ll be producing with your new setup. You’ll also quickly glimpse how much you’ll be saving with your power bills with this new setup.


We’ll help you to assess your 20-year financial forecast – breaking down in detail your solar payback on your investment, and your rate of return.


We’ll provide you with a comprehensive comparison of your new solar-enabled system, versus your old electricity bills, to give you a simple overview of how much you’re actually saving with your solar investment.


Finally, you’ll get a quick breakdown of the environmental impact that your solar investment is making.




At every step of the way, you get complete freedom to tweak, adjust, or discuss your proposed solar system setup with our Solar Specialists.

Only approve your Solar Design once you’re happy with it, and you’re ready to proceed.




Once you’re happy with your solar design, Voltora Solar Specialists will professionally install your brand-new solar power system, so that you can start saving on your power bills immediately! We’ll also give you specific information on how to best utilise the system for optimal cost savings – and more.




At the end of your solar power installation, we’ll provide a report summary that comprehensively lists every detail of our engagement. You’ll get full insights into what we did, what was installed, and more

That means no more guesswork, dealing with problematic installs, or having to wonder what you paid for in the first place.

  • Process of Solar project
  • Onsite Photographs of your Solar Project


Save Up To $40,000 On Your Power Bill Now!

With the RIGHT solar power setup, you can easily save up to $40,000 on your power bill over the next two decades. It’s an opportunity too good to be missed, especially when you consider that electrical prices are ONLY going up!

*Say Hello To Your New Electrical Savings!*

Start Protecting Yourself Against Rising Electrical Costs Immediately!*

Once we’ve done our solar panel installation, you’ll start reaping the benefits immediately*!

That means lower electrical costs, energy savings – all the while keeping your entire home greener than ever before.

*Subject to Energex requirements

Get Your Brand New, Cutting-edge Solar Power System Installed And Hedge Against Ever-Rising Electrical Costs Now!


A brand new solar power system installed by Voltora will give you power bill savings from day one*! With the surplus in power that your solar power system will generate, you win from the moment your installation is energised.

The cost savings in your power bills add up, it’s only a matter of time before your solar power system essentially pays for itself – while you continue to reap the benefits and cost savings for years to come!

Moreover, you’re covered for 5 years with our Solar Installation warranty**, which means that you have market leading installation guarantee on top of already backed manufacturers warranties.

*Subject to Energex requirements

**Subject to terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions
Why don’t you do packages?

There are many solar companies providing solar packages that might seem attractive at first. However, what you might not be aware of is that these packages are generally designed as “one size fits all” solutions, and are not optimised for your specific energy needs. Voltora believes that the best way to help you reap the full benefits of solar is to tailor a custom solar solution – not sell you cookie-cutter packages.

Will you be outsourcing my solar installation?

No, your Voltora’s Solar Specialists will be personally handling your solar projects from start to finish. Our team are qualified solar system experts who have years of solar experience under their belt. Voltora is also accredited with the Clean Energy Council for solar system design and installation, so you can rest assured that you’re working with the best.

What are your accreditations? Why should I trust you?

When it comes to solar installations, Voltora is certified and licensed with the Clean Energy Council, the industry benchmark for this class of work. Moreover, Voltora Industries are accredited with various regulatory bodies for all services offered, including being a Gold Master Electrician, the highest accreditation in the electrical industry. This is awarded in recognition for stringent adherence to safety, quality, workmanship, knowledge and service.

Do you sell “Tier 1 Solar Panels” just like the other guys?

The definition of a Tier 1 Solar Panel has been misused by many providers in the solar market, leading to a misunderstanding of what this grading really means.

Being rated as Tier 1 has nothing to do with the quality of solar panels. Instead, the Tier 1 ranking scale is a simple scale created by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation and is used to rank solar panel manufacturers in terms of their bankability or financial stability.

In fact, Bloomberg defines a Tier 1 solar manufacturer as “those which have provided products to five different projects which have been financed non-recourse by five different (non-development) banks in the past two years”.

That means that, when you are trying to decide which solar panels to use for your property, the criteria of Tier 1 shouldn’t even be in the equation in contrast to other more critical factors, like safety of panels, ability to store energy etc.

Voltora uses the highest quality of solar panels that ticks all these boxes.

What are the key factors that I should look out for during solar installations?

Broadly speaking, there are many!

But if we were to identify the most important ones, it’d be that you:
● Have a correct system for the right property
● Use quality products
● Work with long-term manufacturers
● Get Australian based warranties for your solar setup.

In case you’re wondering, Voltora has all those boxes ticked, so you can rest assured you’re making the right solar investment with us.

I’m worried about cheap panels. What’s the quality of your solar panels?

Unfortunately, there are many “cowboy” solar installers out there due to lucrative government incentives. In fact, recent surveys show that 20% of solar installers were substandard, and did not meet Australian requirements. These systems may prematurely fail. These solar installers often use low-quality solar panels that sacrifice performance and safety at the expense of cost.

What are the differences between string inverters and micro inverters?

There are 2 main differences between string inverters and micro inverters.


During the course of the day, obstructions can happen, whether be it a cloudy day, dirt, or shade from a nearby tree. How your solar system reacts to these obstructions is where the difference lies.

With microinverters, only the individual panel is affected, while the others keep performing to their fullest. This might equate to more solar power and greater energy savings as a whole, since the rest of your solar system is still relatively unaffected by the obstruction.

On the other hand, a string inverter system can only perform as well as its lowest-performing panel. Therefore, if shade or a pile of leaves hinders one panel’s performance, every other panel operates at the same diminished capacity.

This does not mean that one is better than the other, though. The important thing is to conduct a thorough, expert check on your property and its surroundings to foresee any potential obstructions, and to decide on the best inverter to install.

Voltora Solar Specialists do this for you in detail, so that we can suggest the best solution that suits your unique property.


String Inverters have more rigid design than Microinverters, in that they are restricted to string sizing on your roof, and require a minimum system size of 8 panels. String Inverters also require a DC and AC design.

A Microinverter, on the other hand, features a more flexible design, because they do not come in string sizing, and offers multiple configuration options in terms of layout. Microinverters also are an all-AC design.

Again, it does not mean that either inverters are better than the other – it all depends on your unique property conditions and requirements. Voltora Solar Specialists can conduct a free visit to your property at a convenient time for you to assess the right inverter for your solar system.

Want to find out which inverter is best for your solar system? Click here to speak to a Voltora Solar Specialist now.

Clients Love Voltora’s Solar Specialists

Voltora has been providing best-in-class solar advice and solar panel workmanship of the highest standard since day one. Clients know that they can depend on our tailored solutions, end-to-end professionalism, and respectful tradesmen for a solar job well done.

We’ll Come Back, and Make It Right™

If you realise that something’s not working in your solar power system once we’ve installed it and left your property, don’t worry!

You’re backed by Voltora’s Make It Right™ guarantee. Just give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to come back and fix those issues – free of charge.**

**Covers installation issues only. Subject to our terms and conditions.

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