Protect What Matters To You, The Right Way

At the highest level, Access Control Systems come as a single cohesive and unified solution that helps to keep unwanted visitors out of your property, while empowering you with a central place to control all your security systems with a tap of a button.

Restrict Certain Areas

Great Access Control Systems help you to restrict parts of your unit or office to certain personnel, so that you can allow only the right person through.

Hard To Duplicate

While traditional keys are easily duplicatable, keycards to Access Control Systems are on another level altogether. Lost a key? Change the code, and cancel the keycard. Simple.

Protect Your Valuables

It’s not just what’s inside your safety deposit box that’s valuable for intruders. Office or home furniture are easily sellable for cash, and you need every last inch of defence you can get to protect them.

Protect Your Data

Crucial data leaks can make you vulnerable. When that happens, Access Control Systems help prevent unwanted guests from entering restricted rooms, helping you to elevate your security even further.

Record History of Entry

Access Control Systems enable you to record, store and monitor information about everyone who enters your building or a certain room. Reliable access information means greater clarity into who entered or exited your building or room when, and where.

Full Property Control

Access Control Systems can be installed throughout your entire building, office, or home, and can be modularised to your exact needs.

Best-In-Class Access Control Technology You Can Depend On

ICT security devices are highly rated in the access control and security systems industry. Not only do they offer a complete security system that can turn your property into a safe and secure environment, ICT devices come as a complete integrated access control, intrusion detection and building automation solution.

Voltora uses only the best security technology on the market to protect our customers’ property. Here are some reasons why we choose ICT for our Access Control projects.


ICT devices are purchased separately, but they are all able to integrate with the same system. That means reduced costs and less cumbersome systems later on when you decide to add new access points to your property.

No Vendor Lock In

ICT uses technology that doesn’t lock you in with their own proprietary hardware, or protocols. That means that you have the flexibility to choose other vendors, even though you have their systems installed later on.


ICT’s secure encryption algorithms and the latest HTML5 web standards ensure your data is locked safely away onboard the controller. Optional encrypted backup files can be kept off site or in the cloud.


Open standards ensure you are not locked out of your data. Integrate with third party products such as SALLIS, Aperio and Savant, or have your own developers use the ICT Automation and Control protocol to create a custom integration.


Updates are a breeze to apply. Simply upload the update file then follow the onscreen instructions. ICT expansion modules can be updated using this same simple process.


Once Voltora security experts have installed your access points, we can set up Protege WX fast. Get your fully functional access control and intrusion detection solution set up within a fraction of the time of conventional software.


You don’t need to be a tech head to manage your Protege WX device. Protege WX comes with a built-in web server which means there is no software to install, making deployment quick, simple and straightforward. No more issues with compatibility, lost DVDs, or licensing and connection limits.


With Protege WX, you can manage your property’s access control from a web browser anytime, anywhere. That means that you can leave for that holiday without worrying about not having access to your security system, as long as you have an internet connection.

Everything You Need To Protect, Monitor, and Control

Advanced integration of arming and disarming features allow the control of up to 32 alarm areas.

RS-485 communication interface, onboard 2400bps modem, and a 10/100 ethernet communications port.

Optional PoE (Power over Ethernet) for both data connection and power supply.

IP Reporting functionality using ICT’s ArmorIP protocol, Contact ID over IP, SIA over IP and full text reporting methods.

Highly sophisticated integrated access control with large capacity and extensive management features.

Programmable functions for performing event based actions, such as adjusting internal lighting levels based on a sensor reading.

Automation points for managing controllable devices such as lighting, air conditioning and signage.

Easily link the Protege System with intelligent SALLIS or Aperio wireless locking solutions.

Onboard support for communication protocols such as C-BUS and Savant, for automated building and lighting controls.

Comprehensive front panel LED indicators display device status at a glance.

Firmware upgradeable directly from the Protege WX interface.

Take It Up A Notch - Enterprise Grade Access Control Systems With Protege GX

If your access control needs are more complex, then consider Protege GX. Protege GX is ICT’s enterprise level integrated access control, intrusion detection and building automation solution, with a feature set that is easy to operate, simple to integrate, and effortless to extend.

Visually Manage Your Site & Access Control System

Protege GX visualises your security system on a graphical floor plan level, which provides you with a quick and efficient way to control and monitor your Protege system. You can quickly arm and disarm areas, control doors and outputs, and view input status and live variable information with clarity.

Assign graphical icons to devices to control and monitor the system easily
Drag and drop interface which allows easy navigation between floor plans and live camera feeds
Display the real time status of devices and objects on your system, enabling real time feedback
Customisable event filters and alarms to specific floor plans based on an alarm condition or trigger

Customisable Status Pages for Faster Response Times

Protege GX comes with fully customisable and flexible dashboard and status page, in the form of an intuitive graphical interface that can give you crucial information’s and data at one glance. That also means that the learning curve for new users in your organisation is shorter, due to ease of use.

Status lists that dynamically update to display the real time status of attached devices
Floor plans that display a visual representation of the site and the real time status of devices
Live video feeds from an integrated DVR/NVR camera
Event reports filtered to include only the events you wish to view
Variables that return information on changeable data such as room temperature or humidity levels
Web pages displaying the contents of a defined website or locally stored HTML page
Muster reports that provide a “live pegboard” view of all users within a specified area

Display Only The Information That Matters To Your Security

Not every single piece of information from your Access Point Control System is relevant to your organisation. That’s why the Protege GX offers an advanced alarm and events filter system that allows you to sort and filter what and how information is displayed to an operator. That means faster and more accurate response to incidents, resulting in more efficient security down the line.

Create event filters that match a particular record or event type
Filter status lists by status, such as open doors or areas that are armed
Event types can be colour coded to make particular types of events stand out to an operator
User images can be shown inside live events and alarm windows

Powerful, In-Depth Security & Access Control Reports

Getting the information you need has never been easier or more accessible. With a comprehensive range of built in reports and the ability to create an unlimited number of custom reports, Protege GX offers a commanding range of reporting capabilities, and you can even generate reports automatically at scheduled times and have them sent to a defined user via email.

Event reports that enable you to view exactly what is happening within the system with ease. Events are categorised for easy identification and details can be readily filtered to show only relevant events.
Muster reports that enable you to generate a report that lists all users for specified areas within the system. Utilising the entry and exit readers associated with a door, the report creates a list of users that are present when the report is generated.
Attendance reports that make it easy to track and monitor staff movements on site, assisting with payroll and HR management. View summary pages and detailed reports of employee time and attendance with pinpoint accuracy.
User reports that contain detailed information on the users or cardholders in your system. At the push of a button, quickly determine information such as which users have access to selected doors, have triggered defined events, or have cards due to expire.

Simple-to-deploy Enterprise Grade Features For Your Complex Security Needs

Protege GX and its features provide a suite of endless benefits for your security and access control needs, limited only by your requirements.

Customise Your Security System With Voltora

Voltora doesn’t just install your ICT Access Control devices. Our security experts work with you to tailor and structure an optimal placement blueprint, so that your property is properly set up to meet your security needs.

Turnkey, Comprehensive Service From Start To Secure

Once we’ve defined the right ICT solution and blueprint for your property, Voltora security and electrical experts provide best-in-class electrical tradesmanship to bring your security system to life.

Voltora electrical experts are certified Gold Master Electricians, the highest accreditation in Australia. What this means is a complete peace of mind when you install your security systems.

Minimal Downtime

Gold Master Electricians are the best in the electrical business. This means that you can invest in your Access Control systems confidently, without worrying that they are not installed properly.

Fast, Efficient Installation

Voltora’s tradesmen are fast, professional and efficient in their service and installation of your Access Control systems. This means no mess after we leave, and a pleasant experience throughout.

ICT System Certified

Voltora’s tradesmen are ICT systems certified. This means that you’re hiring the best in the field to implement your Access Control system.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out With 5 Simple Steps



Working with Voltora is tailored from the start.

At your request, a security and electrical specialist from Voltora will make an appointment at a time that suits you. After completing a comprehensive review of your property, we will recommend the best access point solutions for you. No cookie-cutter solutions, ever.

During the consultation, our security specialists will take into consideration the different factors that might affect your Access Control setup, and give us extensive insights into how we can best tailor a solution to meet your needs.




Once our security and electrical specialists have completed their initial consultation, they’ll recommend some best-fit solutions to suit your unique security requirements.

What’s more, we’ll share with you the reasons why we recommend them in the first place. You can count on Voltora – we’ve built our brand on accountability from day one.

Voltora security specialists will share an in-depth Access Control proposal that outlines:

  • The layout of your property
  • Your security needs
  • Common entry and exit points that might have the potential for intruders to enter
  • Blind spots that need to be adequately covered
  • ICT solutions that we feel are the right fit to meet your needs
  • Our suggested placements of ICT devices throughout your property.



At every step of the way, you get complete freedom to tweak, adjust, or discuss your proposed Access Control system setup with our security and electrical specialists.

Only approve your Access Control design once you’re happy with it, and you’re ready to proceed.




Once you’re happy with your Access Control design, Voltora electrical specialists will professionally install your brand-new Access Control system, so that you can get your property secured as soon as possible. We’ll also give you specific information on how to use the system, and set it up for you.




At the end of your Access Control installation, we’ll provide a report summary that comprehensively lists every detail of our engagement. You’ll get full insights into what we did, what was installed, and more.

That means no more guesswork, dealing with problematic installs, or having to wonder what you paid for in the first place.

  • Process of access control installation
  • Onsite photographs of your Access Control installations


Clients Know They Can Count On Voltora

Since day one, Voltora has been winning the hearts and minds of customers with our professional service and attention to detail. With best-in-class electrical tradesmanship and tailored electrical and security advice from expert electricians passionate to serve, clients know that they can count on Voltora to do the job the right way.

We’ll Come Back, and Make It Right™

If you realise that something’s not working with your system once we’ve installed it and left your property, don’t worry!

You’re backed by Voltora’s Make It Right™ guarantee. Just give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to come back and fix those issues – free of charge.**

**Covers installation issues only. Subject to our terms and conditions.

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