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How We Help You to Protect Your Business

It can be difficult for small business owners to know what’s the best CCTV security solution for their business is, That’s why at Voltora Industries, we offer markets leading products and services to ensure your business has the best protection.

Every CCTV installation is tailored to your needs; we’ll create a package that we believe will be the most cost-effective, reliable & user-friendly, system for your business. CCTV systems can play a crucial role in protecting your business from theft and vandalism. They can give you and your staff peace of mind, and be a source of evidence if required.

Keep Your Business Safe

Theft of stock or cash-handling is a major concern for any business, as much as you may trust your staff honesty, many businesses experience some form inventory reduction as a result of internal theft.

A CCTV system allows businesses to monitor and identify staff or members of the public that attempt to steal from your company. By placing CCTV cameras around your business premises, and advising staff about their location, it can serve as a deterrent against any possible theft. If you do become a victim of theft, then you’ll have the video evidence at hand.

Keep Your Employees Safe

There may be times where your staff can become vulnerable to threats from the members of the public. Situations can arise in which customers threaten the safety of your staff, in these instances CCTV cameras document their actions, providing video evidence that can be used in court.

The presence of cameras in your business can also serve as a deterrent against staff members engaging in any threatening or unacceptable behaviour towards each other or your customers.

Help Deal With Vandalism

Vandals present a serious threat to your business. Damage to your property can result in unforeseen costs. CCTV surveillance can deter would-be vandals from damaging your premises by instilling a fear of being identified. The cost of installing CCTV systems that will thwart the activities of vandals can save your business thousands of dollars in potential repair costs.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you want to know that your business is always as safe as possible. CCTV cameras are a cost-effective solution that allows you to watch over your business 24/7, 365 days a year. CCTV systems can be accessed from most common smartphones & tablets, allowing you to watch your business wherever you are.

Video Documentation When You Need It Most

Should problems occur with business security, and safety is compromised, then having video data will prove to be invaluable. CCTV footage can help your business with identifying and taking action against troublemakers. Video footage can also be used in any litigation, prosecution or insurance issues.

Create An Extra Sense Of Safety

By installing CCTV cameras around your business can help to create an invisible shield of protection from theft and health threats. You’ll find that staff will pay closer attention to detail when carrying out safety operations within your business. Knowing management is always watching & recording them will help to ensure staff members don’t relax too much while they are on the job.

Are you a business owner or manager? Then we recommend conducting a security risk assessment for your business premises; this will help you identify any potential security threats and define actions you can take to better safeguard your business; a CCTV system from Voltora Industries cameras are an obvious starting point.

At Voltora Industries, we offer the markets leading products to make sure your premises is as protected as it can be by simply having either an intrusion alarm panel or CCTV monitoring system in place. Although the systems are purely just a deterrent, every one of our customer’s feels safer knowing they are protected.

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