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Are You Deciding On A New Air Conditioning System?

It can be tough deciding what type of air conditioner to choosing for your home. Many factors can come into play, such as

  • the size and division of rooms,
  • the age of the building,
  • and your budget.

Ultimately, there is no one system to suit every type of home. The best way to choose the right system for you is to thoroughly investigate all the available options. For some homes, ducted systems will be the most efficient choice, for others evaporative cooling will be better suited.

Another popular option is the installation of split system air conditioner, a very efficient and cost-effective way to control the temperature of your living space. At Voltora Industries we specialise in Split System AC units, that’s why we took the time to write this guide for homeowners to familiarise themselves with how a split system ACs function; to weigh up some advantages – to if it’s the best solution for them.

How A Split System Air Conditioner Works

As its name suggests, a split system is a unit that’s split into two or more operating components. Split system air conditioner typically consists of two operating parts:

  1. the fan and evaporator, which is wall-mounted inside the building,
  2. and a compressor unit, which is placed outside the building either on the ground or hung on the wall.

The split system functions by extracting warm air and humidity from the air inside a building, then expelling it via the compressor; into the air outside a building.

Refrigerants inside the compressor cool the air from outside a building and pass them into the indoor unit, though copper pipes, a fan then blows the chilled air around the room.

When used for heating, the system works in the opposite manner described above: it extracts cold air from outside and blows warm air around a room.

The Advantages Of Installing A Split System Air Conditioner Unit

Due to its simple design, there are many reasons why split system ACs is an efficient choice for many homes. Some these advantages include:

  • Quick and easy to operate. Split systems heat or cool living spaces very quickly and are easy to control via a remote control.
  • Deliver warm or cool air only in the spaces where it’s needed; when it’s needed. So you don’t waste money heating unused spaces.
  • Cost-effective to install. The indoor and outdoor units are connected together by some small pipes and electrical cables; this means that very little modification to your home is required. Less labour costs translates into quicker and more affordable installation.
  • Because they are powered by electricity, running split systems can be subsidised by solar power, making them an even more cost-effective solution for solar-powered homes.
  • Low maintenance costs. The indoor components of split system air conditioners contain filters which can easily be removed and cleaned by the owner – no call-outs are necessary to clean the indoor component.
  • Many models of split systems have both heating and cooling capabilities as standard so that you can use one system; year-round.
  • Air purification. Many models will purify the air, so that dust and allergens are not circulated through the building.

With the constantly changing climate Brisbane experiences every year, have you got an air conditioning unit installed that can help keep your home or business comfortable to live or work in all year round?

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