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Sight is something many take for granted, however, across the world there is a vision crisis. One of humanity’s greatest challenges, 1.1 billion people worldwide are suffering from vision loss and lack of access to proper vision care. For many, this can be resolved with a simple pair of glasses. Unfortunately, this is not as simple in many third-world countries.

Enter OneSight – an independent and not-for-profit organisation launched in 1988 to help eradicate the global vision care crisis. Since they began, they have helped more than nine million people across 46 countries by establishing permanent vision centers, providing glasses, bringing vision experts in for clinics in countries that need it the most.

Voltora Industries is proud to support OneSight and the upcoming World Sight Day – October 8. World Sight Day is a World Health Organization sanctioned day to focus global attention on vision impairment and blindness. This year’s theme is “Hope in Sight” and you can support this day in many ways through charities such as OneSight.

What is the problem?

Blindness and vision impairment can impact a person’s life, livelihood and families in many ways. This is the case particularly in third-world countries where oftentimes a person will require their eyesight to earn a living for their families. Reduced or absent eyesight can be caused by diseases such as trachoma, trauma, diabetes, cataracts or degenerative diseases such as macular degeneration or glaucoma.

Vision loss often occurs in people over the age of 50, however, it can impact all ages. With 1.1 billion people worldwide suffering from vision loss and lack of access to proper vision care, it has become a global health crisis. Imagine not having access to an Optometrist or Doctor to give you the proper check-ups you require? Imagine if the solution was a simple pair of glasses and you had no access to a pair? This is what 1.1 billion people are facing with lack of access to the basic optical care that is found readily in countries such as Australia.

In fact, one in seven people in the world lack access to basic vision care, which means that they struggle more than others to meet most basic needs of living. For some, an eye care center may be too far away, and they can’t afford to miss days of work to travel there. For others, it may be far too expensive – as much as three months’ worth of wages for some!

OneSight want to change this and empower communities around the world to maintain sustainable eye care for their community members. Their research has found that clear sight makes students twice as successful in school because they can focus better; and helps workers become 35 per cent more productive, earning 20 per cent more per year due to their enhanced sight.

Eyesight is more than just seeing the world. It assists in learning, working, maintaining a household or farm, improves social connections and decreases risk of social isolation by improving mental health. Clear sight helps to fight illiteracy in many countries across the world where children face obstacles to learning due to lack of eye care. OneSight’s mission is simple but powerful and they work hard to train and employ within the local community to enable sustainable eye care for generations to come.

What are some ways to help?

There are many ways that you can help bring hope to people around the world facing vision issues. You can donate to OneSight, to enable them to continue providing optical care in the community in existing hospitals or other healthcare infrastructure, training and employing people in the community to work at these sustainable clinics, and providing free new eyewear to people who need it most.

You cannot donate second-hand eyewear, however, OneSight will send any donations to Lions organisations to support their work in domestic and international programming.

Every $10 donated provides a pair of glasses for a person in need.

To make a financial donation, you can visit the OneSight at which gives you the option to set up a one-off payment or a recurring donation.

There is also the opportunity to raise money through events for OneSight by contacting [email protected] and signing up for an account at For more ways to get involved, visit OneSight’s FAQs page.

Voltora’s commitment

Voltora Industries are passionate about helping others in local and foreign communities. They support enhanced care in countries where access is lacking. This month, Voltora’s team are taking part in raising funds for OneSight and World Sight Day and have very generously donated $500 to OneSight.

Join Voltora by visiting and finding the different ways you can donate. You can also access resources such as videos, images and logos should you wish to share the cause on your social media channels.

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