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It’s now November and we’re heading straight into summer – prime time for using air conditioning. Before you fire it up, there are a few things to check first.

Have you been using it in winter for heating? If so, then make sure to change your setting back to cooling mode and give it a few minutes of running time to reset.

Regular Maintenance

Now is a good time to review your maintenance for your air con. Is your yearly service due? To ensure that your system stays in tip-top shape it’s important to do regular maintenance and to make it even easier Voltora will send you yearly reminders when your service is due. If your air con was not installed by Voltora, no worries! We can still come out and service your system and then you’ll receive the yearly reminders.

If your service is not due yet, it’s still a good idea to give your air filters a clean. Some tell-tale signs to look out for when your air con needs a clean or service are:

•   Not cooling (or heating) as it should
•   External vents have mould or mildew
•   Air filter is covered in dust
•   The unit is making a rattling or wheezing noise
•   There is a bad smell coming from the unit

An important tip to ensuring your system is running efficiently is to clean your air filters regularly between services. What happens if you don’t? Dirty filters can restrict the flow of cold air and can result in clogged filters due to the formation of ice on the coils – not to mention the air output will contain mould or allergens.

How to Clean Your Filters?

Use a low power vacuum or wash in lukewarm water. Allow to dry before re-installing filter. Also check your Manufacturer’s Instructional Manual.

Tips for Best Performance

Here are some helpful tips for getting the best performance and efficiency out of your air con to ensure your power bill stays as cost effective as possible!

1.   Make sure to close all doors and windows before turning on your air con. If you have a ducted system, make sure to only turn on the zones you’re using.
2.   Set your air con to 22-24°C (ideally 24°C). This will help save power and means the system doesn’t have to work as hard. Every degree counts!
3.   Clean the air filters regularly between services – around every 3 months for standard usage, however when used frequently this may be required more often.
4.   Turn off your system at night or set a timer to turn off while you sleep.

For more information on the best care and use of your Air Con System, always refer to the Manufacturer’s Instructional Manual.

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