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In a world faced with pressing environmental challenges and economic uncertainties, the need for businesses to embrace sustainable practices and prioritise economic efficiency has never been greater. This is something that is at the heart of Bailey Print Group. Not only do they lead the charge by running an environmentally conscious business but also produce sustainable print solutions using eco-friendly products.  

Bailey Print Group have been a proud family-owned Queensland business since 1985. Director’s Peter Bailey and Samantha Bailey-Jensen are a second-generation brother and sister team, who run this award-winning and economically sustainable business. Leading the charge in an industry that can be stereotypically seen as having a negative impact on the environment, Peter and Samantha are proving printing does have eco-friendly practices and are indeed contributing to a greener future, “We are powered by the sun; employ green technology; host an extensive range of eco-friendly products and use low carbon intensive production methods. We recycle, repurpose and reuse”.  

Bailey Print Group have been using Voltora Industries for the past 3 years and Peter has always been happy with our service.

“Voltora have a fast turnaround, (from) responding to emails to onsite production” – Peter Bailey, Managing Director – Bailey Print Group.

Previously Voltora installed a 204 panel, 81.6 kW solar system which powers their entire operation to help reduce their carbon footprint and they are reaping the benefits of the energy efficiency. Based on Brisbane’s Southside, the Bailey Print Group’s workshop underwent some upgrades recently which included a new theme within the building, being an American style garage. To bring their vision to life Peter enlisted Voltora again knowing we use only high quality, energy efficient products, which made us the perfect fit with Bailey Print Group’s philosophy. Peter explains “We chose Voltora due to their professionalism at the time of quotation and also assessing what we wanted in the building which gave us a great result in the end”.  

The upgrade project saw Voltora connecting unique signage including a Shell Service Station logo, lighting to a petrol pump, a set of American style traffic lights and car wrapping bay numbers. Peter uses Voltora for all their outdoor illumination, internal maintenance, solar and general electrical work and would highly recommend Voltora for all electrical services.  

With Peter and Samantha’s passion for reducing their carbon footprint, they have made Bailey Print Group beam light years ahead, setting a sustainable course for the print industry. We would like to thank Peter, Samantha and the team at Bailey Print Group for making us a part of this journey and for their time to learn more and share their story. 

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