Electrical Services That Go The Extra Mile & Don’t Keep You Second Guessing. Now, That’s Accountable.

If you’re tired of electricians who don’t show up as promised, are hard to reach, and do “work” that keeps you guessing, Voltora Industries’ is the clear alternative.

Company Intro


Director, Tory Ogden founded Voltora Industries in 2015.

Having learned from the best, Tory wanted his company to have a new breed of electrician – one that was highly trained, service-oriented and went the extra mile for the customer to deliver the best electrical solution at the right price – every time.

Above all, they had to be accountable for every aspect of the job from start to finish, give the customer complete transparency every step of the way – instead of them paying and wondering what was actually delivered, or worse, fighting to get mistakes corrected.

“I remember thinking: why not turn electrical services into a systematic approach, one that keeps customers in the loop, and fuses good old customer service with the latest in electrical solutions and installation techniques” said Tory.

In an industry of varying electrical services, where many companies complete projects with a “one-off” mentality, Tory’s desire to be accountable to customers every step of the way has built Voltora into the growing brand it is today

“I felt strongly that the customer shouldn’t be left hanging – not knowing exactly what they were paying for. We had to let them know exactly what options were available and why we recommended it.”

Today, Voltora Industries is known as the Electrical Services company that doesn’t just service – but collaborates with customers to finish the job, while being accountable at every turn. They were recognised for this in 2023 by being crowned South Queensland Master Electrician of the Year!

Our Achievements


We Scrutinize Ourselves Hard

Voltora Industries’ experts undergo stringent assessments consistently and are licensed with the relevant licences.

Our tradesmen are also consistently sent for retraining and upgrading of skills, so you get the best quality of workmanship there is.

Local Expert Help On Top Of Quality Service

When we take on a project, we don’t just complete the job and collect our payout.

Our team works with you to extensively diagnose your electrical requirements and needs before outlining all available options to you and recommending an option to go with.


We Are Accountable At Every Step

We’re so driven to providing a great level of service that we hold ourselves accountable to you every step of the way.

Every project that Voltora completes comes with a comprehensive report that breaks down the scope of work that was done, so you get clarity on what you’re paying for.

5 Values of Voltora

When you choose to work with Voltora Industries, you’re hiring not just our experts, but our belief in the way that we do things too.

All Voltora experts take on board our 5 values and commit them to any project that we handle


We believe that good communication is the basis of great work. When you work with Voltora, our experts constantly communicate with you throughout the project, so you get clarity on what we do, and what you’re paying for.


We turn up when we say we will, on time, and on location. When you book an appointment with Voltora, our experts take your time seriously and stick to your schedule, not ours

Quality Work

Voltora Industries is committed to providing quality work at all costs. From precise workmanship and customer service to our detailed reports and after-sales service – you’ll notice the Voltora difference. You’re backed by Voltora’s Make It Right™ guarantee. If you’re not happy with something we have done, just give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to come back and fix those issues – free of charge.*

Leave The Job Mess-Free

We dislike leaving a messy job site for our customers to clean up. Each job site is carefully cleaned and inspected for dust and debris before completion, so you don’t have to deal with any mess.

Reasonably Priced

Quality shouldn’t have to be compromised by price. Voltora Industries benchmarks itself on competitive rates in the market, so you get a reasonable deal for your dollar.

Experience The Voltora Difference Now

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