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Now that you’ve got your new solar system installed and you’re seeing the benefits on your electricity bill, you’re done, right? Well, not quite…

Regularly maintaining your solar system is just as imperative as maintaining your car. Additionally, this will prevent the voiding of your warranty. To keep your solar system in good shape, you’re probably wondering what maintenance is required. The following tips will help you maintain an efficient solar system.

Book In Regular Services

It’s important to book regular yearly services with a qualified contractor such as Voltora Industries. Our technicians will check your entire system to ensure it is functioning correctly, so you continue to save money on your electricity bill. Additionally, we will provide you with a detailed report on the service and any findings with recommendations.

Remove Debris

Ensure that any debris on your solar panels is removed, such as leaves, branches, mould, or bird droppings. This will make sure the panels get enough exposure to the sun to function properly.

Check The Inverter

Regularly monitor the performance of your solar panels by tracking the kWh displayed on your inverter. This will indicate if the degradation process is occurring faster than the warranty states.

Verify that the LEDs indicate the correct status as well. Which colour light appears? Green indicates it’s functioning correctly – orange, or red means there’s a system fault. If there is a system fault, be sure to contact Voltora so we can come and assess what the problem is.

It’s normal for the LED to display orange when it’s night time or heavily overcast, to indicate it isn’t being exposed to sunlight.

Check Your Solar Panels

Your panels should be checked regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. Make sure to look up at your solar panels every few months to see if they need cleaning, and particularly after severe weather events to check for broken panels. When cleaning your panels, make sure that you use water and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.

Check Your Surrounds

Observe your roof’s surroundings, especially when it comes to tree growth, to avoid the formation of shade over your panels. Solar panels should be kept out of the shade wherever possible, to ensure that production rates are not affected.

How To Keep Track Of Your Solar System’s Energy Production?

Keep an eye on your electricity bill to see if you are hitting your expected production rate and reaping the rewards of having a solar system.

Even though solar panels are incredibly durable and designed to last for years, it is important to still document their performance so you can determine whether the degradation process is occurring faster than the warranty states, or if there is a fault with your system. To maintain efficient energy savings, it is crucial to notice these changes as soon as possible.

Manual checks can be carried out by assessing your inverter and electrical bill. Check that your kilowatt-hours are always rising and that your electrical bill does not show irregular spikes to ensure consistency. A simpler automated approach is available with apps that monitor your system’s energy consumption and savings, making it easier to detect if it develops a fault.

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions manual for more information regarding the best care and use of your Solar System or contact us today! And don’t forget to book your 12 monthly service!

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